Responsible Travel

It is a long-term effort and commitment

Responsible travel is in our DNA. Since our inception, we have strived to work with local people on our actions

We state “Responsible Travel” in the following points

Environmental Responsibility
  • All places visited are to be left as we found . No piece of paper is to be left behind. For instance, our local staff in the Red Sea cooperates with the government and Hepca annually to clean the beachs and sea used bytourists.
  • All of our modern air-conditioned vehicles are provided with baskets for rubbish in addition to environmentally friendly exhausts systems.
  • Local guides and tour managers are not allowed to smoke during work time.
  • Department managers meet weekly to ensure that all operations have minimal impact on the environment. We emphasize reducing in noise pollution by ordering tour drivers to refrain for using their car horns.
  • Our diving guides and tour guides emphasize preservation of coral reef, emphasizing the damage that touching or removing coral does to the ecosystem of the Red Sea.
  • We support eco-tourism and do our best to deal with ecologically friendly hotels and resorts.
  • We are always open to suggestion about how to improve our services in terms of environmental impact.
Social Responsibility
Economic Responsibility